Miles McNeel

Augustin PhotoThomas Diener is the founder and creative force behind Miles McNeel design. With a great love for gemstones, especially in the rough, he developed his signature and versatile concrete that contains an extraordinary assortment of colors.

Diener’s designs are timeless, hand-made, and eco-friendly; transforming pieces into something other-worldly and magical by the mica rock that is mixed into the concrete. Taking inspiration from New York City and the durability of the long-lasting concrete of the ancient Romans, Diener’s designs bridge the gap between fashion, fine jewelry, and functionality.

Augustin Jaramillo continues the magical and unique work that Thomas began and has built the Miles McNeel Jewelry brand to what it is today. Designs are fabricated in 14k yellow, white and rose gold as well as sterling silver metals. Fine hand cut diamonds and gemstones are carefully selected and incorporated into the designs.





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