Spinelli Kilcollin

SK PhotoWith a background in fashion, Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin officially started the company in 2010 in LA, after Yves created his signature style multi-finger ring back in 2008. Working at the LA design boutique Maxfield, he wore the ring he created to work. That first day, a woman asked who designed the ring because she wanted to buy one too! This started the brand we know today.

Each ring is hand-crafted and becomes a singular piece of art. Spinelli Kilcollin starts with a sketch, which is then handed to their head metalsmith to formulate their own 18k gold color mix. Depending on what alloys are added, a unique color is achieved for that particular ring. This wire piece then goes to the jewelers to be coiled, cut, sized and soldered. The setting team takes the ring from here to individually drill each hole to set each stone or diamond. Next, the assembly of inter-connected circles takes place, as well as any additional black rhodium plating. A final polish and the piece is ready for you to wear!

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