TBK Jewelry


Rochester, NY based jewelry designer and maker, Timo Krapf, creates elegant, high quality jewelry through contemporary and traditional goldsmithing techniques. He specializes in a type of metal forming known as Anticlastic Raising, which he learned during his apprenticeships with Michael Good. Through this technique, Timo is able to produce exceedingly light, hollow forms with organic, flowing curves. Timo continues to push the boundaries of this technique in an effort to distinguish himself and his work.

From childhood on, Timo was inspired by his mother’s goldsmithing studio. He is drawn to simple, pure forms and pieces with graceful, fluid lines. He uses the contrast of surface finish and color to create excitement and movement. Timo graduated from the Metals and Jewelry Design BFA program at Rochester Institute of Technology in 2019. He previously graduated from the Jewelry Arts program at George Brown College in Toronto, ON.






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