Lizzie Mandler

Lizzie Mandler PhotoImmersed in the world of fine jewelry since the age of 16, Los Angeles Native, Lizzie Mandler is inspired by the intrinsic sentimental value of fine jewelry and its ability to transpose a deeper and more personal story. Surrounded by a family of artists, Mandler first began experimenting with design while making costume styles at a young age. As she grew up, so evolved her aesthetic, refining her sensibilities and designing jewelry through her uniquely geometric and modern lens. After studying traditional metal smithing for 6 years in both Los Angeles and Florence, she launched her collection in 2012.

Inspired to create the designs that become an inherent part of one’s own personal narrative, Mandler’s designs are at once timeless and time-specific. Imagining classic motifs through her singular, modern lens. It’s her unexpected design direction, including her now signature knife-edge detail, that have earned her industry recognition, and an enviable roster of clients including Rihanna, Madonna, Beyonce, and Victoria Beckham, who covet her instantly-recognizable creations.


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