Lene Vibe PhotoLene Vibe launched her collection in 2002, based on her love for the natural world – from working in her garden, to exploring the forest and watching the constant movements of the ocean. All of this now provides inspiration for the whimsical flowers and creatures that surround precious pearls and gemstones in her collection.

She designs and manufactures her jewelry with great joy, and hopes each piece will be worn with the same happiness and passed down to loved ones. Lene handcrafts all of her pieces at her workbench with a thoughtfulness to how they will feel when they are worn.

Lene does not sketch any of the pieces first; it seems to all take place in her imagination and comes out in the way in which she approaches the metal. Her pieces have a three-dimensional quality and are brought to life in 18K gold, a range of pearls, colored gemstones and polish rough cut and raw diamonds.


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