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Emily Faith Strauss understood at age 24 what the fine jewelry market was missing: Approachable-priced, thoughtfully designed pieces made for women like herself. Upon recognizing this void, Emily began to design and create her own pieces, launching EF Collection in 2010. Fine Jewelry Houses are historically generational handovers; however, Emily was determined to see her vision of delicate, feminine pieces at approachable prices through and shake up the industry.

In 2012, Emily began selling her pieces at her local hair salon, where she continued selling for the next 3 years. During this time, Emily steadily built up a Direct to Consumer Clientele, began utilizing her growing social media platform, and made the entree into wholesale, with Shopbop.com . By 2014, EF Collection secured it’s first luxury department store partner - Bergdorf Goodman, forever changing the landscape of and introducing fine jewelry on the 5th Floor (5F).

Today, Emily continues to create pieces using 14K gold handset with diamonds, precious stones, and enamel. Understated and simple, yet glamorous EF Collection offers a beautiful balance between relevant trends and timeless design. Pushing boundaries and expanding the offering, Emily launched her Bridal Collection in Spring 2020, following her marriage to her husband, Justin Strauss, all while staying true to the brand’s DNA of approachable and affordable fine jewelry.


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