AlishanAlishan is a family-owned jewelry studio founded by designer Alishan Halebian and his wife and business partner, Lydia Tutunjian.

Shortly after immigrating to the United States with his family, Alishan followed his passion for the arts and enrolled in life drawing and ceramic courses while apprenticing for a jewelry designer in Los Angeles. After stumbling across a collection of German and Swiss jewelry magazines he was inspired by the simple architectural design elements of the jewelry adorning those pages. Passionate about various forms of art, he channeled his love and energy into the medium of jewelry design, allured by its timeless, wearable, and symbolic nature.

His Armenian heritage helps fuse East and West styles to create distinctive collections that reflect his unique worldly view on contemporary jewelry. His designs are inspired by elements from classical art, nature, music and ancient and modern cultures.

Alishan’s jewelry has won multiple awards, been exhibited in major museums, 
throughout the US and internationally, and has been worn by celebrities. His and modern to create uniquely worldly design. With references from Eastern European architecture to West African masks, each Alishan piece is an original work of art. A self-taught craftsman, he creates handmade jewelry with quality materials that dazzle on special occasions and in daily wear.

When not traveling around the US for trunk shows, you can find us Alishan and Lydia in their studio located in Tustin, CA.

All Alishan pieces are hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, and made in the U.S.

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