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Jewelry Spotlight: Get your bling on with Element 79!

Element 79 is a fun, relaxed environment where customers can discover jewelry with soul. With a 20-year background as a bench jeweler and custom jewelry designer, Carol Ferguson established Element 79 Contemporary Jewelry in Cherry Creek three years ago with the goal of creating a unique atmosphere in which to shop for collectible, contemporary jewelry. They showcase nationally known jewelry designers such as Todd Reed, TAP by Todd Pownell, Spinelli Kilcollin, and Celine D’Aoust, to name a few.

Pamela Zamore Rings and Bracelets

Unlike most jewelry stores, Element 79 is all about the experience and making sure that every customer who walks through the door is cared for and respected, no matter who they are. The team members really make an effort to connect with each customer and to help make the artisan jewelry approachable and accessible. In fact, just the other day, Carol snapped this photo of two clients wearing this epic skull ring from designer Polly Wales. Nothing like bold style and jewels to bring cool people together, and you know you want these amazing rings, too.

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