Universal Deco


After immigrating as a child from her home country of Costa Rica to the United States, it was in kindergarten in Georgia where Fernanda was first recognized for her creative potential. Nicknamed Georgia O’Keeffe, Fernanda was encouraged to hone her vast artistic ability, initiating what would become a lifetime of creation. Feeling unsettled as a young girl in a new and unfamiliar place, Fernanda found solace in the expressive outlet that art could offer her. From that creative exploration in childhood to acquiring a knack for creating art as an adult — using fine pens and gold leaf — Fernanda’s artistic career transformed her from outsider to accepted, supported, and celebrated. With the help and love from her husband Jeff and their son Hayden, Fernanda’s passion, ingenuity, determination, and hard work culminated in the establishment of Universal Deco. A lifelong vision come to fruition; Fernanda’s fine jewelry brand brings one-of-a-kind gold heirlooms to the Denver community — her home away from home.



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