Hannah G Fine Jewelry

Hannah G Photo

Arizona-based Hannah Gard launched her collection Hannah G with "a keep it simple philosophy." Her collection focuses on easygoing, interchangeable looks that are pared-down yet with inherent charm. Hannah explains, "When you are trying to get out of the house in the morning you should never have to fuss with your jewelry. I continue to develop and evolve my collection with pieces that a woman can throw on and still look pulled together." 

These are pieces you can wear every day, self-purchase, share with your best friend and give as gifts. Jewelry that keeps it simple yet makes a statement for today. 

Hannah continues to expand on her earring charms- many of which are components that can be combined and added on to create multiple styles with a laid back elegance. Diamonds and color gemstones in baguette, princess, round and pear shapes pop the 14K yellow gold styles in the collection. 


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