Girl With A Pearl

Girl with a Pearl PhotoGirl With A Pearl is a Nashville, Tennessee women-owned business specializing in the creation of unique, trendy, vintage and traditionally-inspired pearl jewelry. Created by Martha Flynn and Sharon Lowe, their entire line is hand- selected, handmade, designed and processed from beginning to end. 

They use freshwater and saltwater pearls— genuine, graded and matched for color and quality. All of the pearls used in their creations are cultured, meaning that a pre-formed bead (instead of a naturally occurring irritant) has been implanted into an oyster. The result over time is a pearl with a preordained shape and size each with their own unique beauty. Common shapes are round, baroque, keshi and rice. They are known for their popular "Bam Bam" collection, their "Wild Pearl" designs and "The Edison," which was introduced in 2016. 

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